Michael Billy’s Response to AG Jeff Sessions Guidance Regarding Religious Exemptions

Today Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued sweeping guidance instructing federal agencies to provide significant leeway to staff and government contractors and grantees seeking religious exemptions from federal laws, rules and regulation.

This license-to-discriminate guidance promotes widespread, state-sanctioned, taxpayer-funded discrimination. It invites taxpayer-funded federal agencies, government employees, and government contractors and grantees to discriminate as long as they cite a religious belief as the reason for doing it.

We at Hudson Pride Center are the largest LGBTQ Community Center in the state located in Jersey City, the most diverse city in the nation and home to the largest LGBTQ population in the state.  Today is another step further in the ongoing discriminatory policies supported and administrated by the Trump Administration.  The Sweeping guidance and vague language given by Attorney General Jeff Sessions has broad implications for historically marginalized communities.  The language used by the Attorney General expands beyond the LGBT community.  This sweeping language could erode protections for women, our immigrant communities, people of color, members of minority faiths and more.

Hudson Pride Center is a home and voice for the diverse LGBTQ community and our allies that advocates for our physical, mental, social and political well-being. We create safe and vibrant spaces to gather and celebrate our lives.  We at Hudson Pride Center stand with Garden State Equality and HiTOPS today where we are actively participating in NJ’s 1st Health Care Conference for the LGBT community.

Michael Billy
Executive Director
Gender Pronouns “He, Him, His”

“Connect. Support. Educate.”


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