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PHOTOS: First Same Sex Marriages in Jersey City

From The Jersey City Independent
Monday, October 21, 2013

On behalf of the Jersey City Independent, I congratulate all the couples who were the first to get married earlier this morning in Jersey City and throughout the State of New Jersey.

It was already a great day to celebrate history and equality, and then the news that Governor Christie dropped the appeal of the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling slated for January came in. Same-sex marriages are not only legal now in New Jersey but they are here to stay!

On a personal note, my parter Beth Achenbach and I were the first couple to become Domestic Partners in Jersey City in 2004. As LGBT activists, we have attended Marriage Equality rallies, gone to town hall meetings throughout the state, and followed the personal stories of discrimination and inequality faced by other same-sex couples and their families who didn’t have the same rights and privileges as their straight counterparts.

Marriage rights include joint state tax returns, co-ownership of property, the ability to make critical and emergency medical decisions – without lengthy and expensive legal documents – a marriage license does all this and so much more.

Finally, this fight is over for New Jersey. We join the other 13 states in the nation where it is legal to marry your same-sex partner, to be protected by the same laws and afforded the same rights as every other married American.

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